Catholic Orthodoxy, for the Unorthodox.

About me.

I’m a content creator from Singapore with a self-proclaimed knack for cultural critique.

I produce content for various mediums, including videos, podcasts, blogs, poetry, and interviews, mostly revolving around the topics of faith, culture, and entertainment media.

Like any great creative, my life has always been a series of oxymorons and ironies, and perhaps it tends to show through my writing/content style. I would describe myself as someone who has made his peace with reality, but is nonetheless a relentless critic. 

As of now, what gets me up every morning is my passion and calling to reignite the faith of fellow Catholics by catechising through the culture.

– Gabriel St-Charles

What to expect


Investigating and exposing hidden agendas
embedded into mainstream culture.


Countering the anti-Catholic lies and propaganda spread throughout America and debunking Biden Catholicism.

UX, Design Thinking, & Creative Solutions


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