Rules, Rebellion, & Raising Kids

How many times have we done something just because someone said we couldn’t?

In this week’s episode of The Catacomb Diaries, I vent my frustrations regarding the shallowness of Singaporean school rules, how arbitrary rules lead to unnecessary rebellion, and how this affects bigger life choices like drinking.

A society is built on its values, not its laws.

The Catacomb Diaries:

Enter the ideological catacombs of Gabriel X. Charles as he discusses topics from sexuality, psychology, and religion from the perspective of one who spent his entire life in silence as he watched Leftist American mainstream media brainwash his home country and the world.

Music: Modern Jazz Samba by Kevin MacLeod Link:

The Catacomb Diaries
The Catacomb Diaries
Rules, Rebellion, & Raising Kids


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